Ancient Wisdom


Forgotten Past

A look on ancient History, Language and Architecture
(Doç. Dr. Haluk Berkmen)  

Chapter 01

The Ancient Uighur(Uygur) Empire

Chapter 26

African expansion

Chapter 02

Diversification of languages

Chapter 27

Olmec, Toltec and Maya

Chapter 03

The hidden meaning of Petroglyphs

Chapter 28

Maya Cities and Pyramids

Chapter 04

The Asiatic Scythians

Chapter 29

The bird symbolism

Chapter 05

Climatic changes

Chapter 30

Celts, Gaul and Galatians

Chapter 06

Universal Symbols

Chapter 31

Hittite and Sumerian

Chapter 07

The Minoan culture

Chapter 32

From Orhun to Canaan

Chapter 08

The double-edged ax

Chapter 33

Western Anatolia

Chapter 09

The Etruscan Dice

Chapter 34

The Tangut Empire

Chapter 10

Etruscan Inscriptions

Chapter 35

Kushan Empire

Chapter 11

The Eastern expansion

Chapter 36

Dunghuang Manuscripts

Chapter 12

The Anatolian expansion

Chapter 37

Stone Ancestors

Chapter 13

Evolution of writing systems

Chapter 38

The Khazar Empire

Chapter 14

Hittite symbolism

Chapter 39

Tattooing Habits
Chapter 15 The sacred horn

Chapter 40

Mummified bodies
Chapter 16 The South-West expansion

Chapter 41

Megaliths and Spirals

About Haluk Berkmen

Chapter 17 The Indus Valley script    
  Chapter 18 Towards Sümer and Elam    
  Chapter 19 The Bull and the Letter B    

Chapter 20

The Ugaritic Script    

Chapter 21

The Orhun Valley script    

Chapter 22

Egyptian deities



Chapter 23

The Issık Kurgan




Chapter 24

Horses for eternity    

Chapter 25

From Kurgans to Pyramids    

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